Order rules

Kastytis summer house





  1. The Electronic Booking System rules of Kastytis summer house operated by UAB Užupio namas, regulate the procedures for accommodation sales (hereinafter the “Services”) offered by Kastytis summer house via the electronic booking system of UAB Užupio namas (registered office address: Paupio str. 31A, Vilnius; legal entity code 303124604; phone: +37068618868; e-mail: kastytis.nida@gmail.com) http://kastytis-nida.lt/ (hereinafter – “Electronic Booking System”), as well as Kastytis summer house and its customers’ mutual rights, obligations and liabilities.
  2. Kastytis summer house reserves the right to modify and supplement these rules at any time. When using the Electronic Booking System, the rules valid at the time of placing the order are applicable.
  3. Kastytis summer house does not assume any risk and is unconditionally exempt from liability, if a customer has not fully familiarized themself with these rules, even though they have been made available to them.
  4. The following persons have the right to place orders via the Electronic Booking System:
    1. Natural persons who have full legal capacity, i.e. of legal age, whose capacity has not been restricted by a court;
    2. Legal persons acting through authorized representatives;
    3. Authorized representatives of all the persons specified in clauses 4.1-4.3 of these rules.
      NOTE: Minors may use Kastytis summer house services only under adult supervision. An adult is a person at least 18 years old who shall take full responsibility for the safety and behavior of the children under his/her supervision, for the children’s compliance with these rules, and for taking proper care of children’s belongings;
  5. Kastytis summer house reserves the right to restrict the Customer from using the electronic booking system without prior notice if the Customer essentially violates the requirements of these Rules; for example, attempts to impair the stability and/or security of the electronic booking system operation.
  6. Information in the Electronic Booking System is available in English language.
  7. The terms used in these rules shall be understood as defined in the Rules on the provision of Kastytis summer house Services.


  9. Customers can purchase Services by connecting to the Electronic Booking System and providing the following information:
    1. Name of a natural person, contact phone number and e-mail address;
    2. Customer data is entered only for the purpose of order confirmation. No customer account is created in the Electronic Booking System and no data on previous bookings is accumulated.
  10. If the customer’s registration details change, they must be updated immediately. Kastytis summer house will not be liable for any inconvenience caused to the customer and/or third parties if the customer has provided incorrect and/or incomplete personal data, or did not provide or supplement the data when their details changed.
  11. The personal data submitted by customers shall be processed in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other laws regulating the processing of personal data. When processing and protecting a customer’s personal data, Kastytis summer house shall follow the Privacy Policy (appendix 1) and shall ensure the protection of personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, modification, disclosure, and any other illegal processing. The customer’s personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes only with the customer’s consent. The customer’s consent is noted in the Electronic Booking System in the relevant field. A person purchasing a gift certificate for another individual or making a booking on behalf of another individual(s) undertakes to ensure that the data used for these individuals is provided to Kastytis summer house with their consent.
  12. The customer always has the right, upon request to Kastytis summer house, to familiarize themselves with their personal data processed by Kastytis summer house, to find out how it is processed, or to request corrections, destruction or stopping the processing of their data, except for storage, or when data is processed without complying with the provisions of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other laws regulating the processing of personal data.
  13. Customers’ personal data will be used and stored in accordance with the procedure and terms established in the Privacy Policy (appendix 1).


  15. The customer is given the opportunity to choose available accommodation included in the booking table with an indication of the possible choice of date, based on the prices valid on the day of booking.
  16. Having familiarized themself with the composition and price, the customer can choose the desired date of booking for the chosen room and additional conditions.
  17. Having selected the offer, the customer must go to another stage of booking – a form, where they shall specify their personal data and any particular notes/requests for the booking.
  18. In order for the customer’s booking to be valid, the customer must pay an advance. The customer can make an advance payment in one of the following ways:
    1. By credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard);
    2. By electronic bank transfer (EVP International);
    3. By bank transfer or later;
    4. By cash upon arrival
  19. Having selected the payment option specified in paragraphs 16.1 or 16.2, the customer is directed to a website where payment can be made via the EVP International system. The data authorization starts from the connection to the system with the help of the encrypted 128-bit protocol of the EVP International. Upon acceptance of the payment by the EVP International system, the customer will be automatically notified via e-mail to confirm the payment and booking. The e-mail will include the customer’s detail, the name of the hotel, the total price of accommodation, the advance paid and the amount to be paid at the hotel, as well as other terms of services. The customer shall pay the remaining amount for their purchased accommodation at the hotel. The e-mail confirming booking shall be presented at the hotel as a proof of payment and to confirm the outstanding amount.
  20. Having selected the payment option specified in paragraph 16.3 -16.4 (to pay by bank transfer or later), the customer will receive the preliminary confirmation of the booking via e-mail; however, the booking will only be finalized upon payment of the advance by a simple bank transfer, via the online system or upon arrival.
  21. In the electronic reservation system, prices for services are expressed in euros, including value added tax, and excluding the one (1) euro/day tourism fee set by Vilnius Council, which is calculated additionally based on the rates and procedures approved by the Vilnius Council.
  22. Before paying the advance, the customers confirm that they have familiarized themselves with the rules of operation of Kastytis summer house Electronic Booking System by ticking the checkbox next to, “I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy (appendix 1) and ordering rules.” Customers are not given the opportunity to make a booking if they are not familiar with these rules and do not confirm it.
  23. 21.When Kastytis summer house receives a payment confirmation, a service contract is considered concluded between the customer and Kastytis summer house. Kastytis summer house is not liable when the service contract is not concluded due to the fact that the payment has not been received in due time under the conditions specified in these rules.


  25. Any disagreements between the customer and Kastytis summer house regarding compliance with these rules shall be resolved through negotiations. Failing to reach an agreement, disagreements shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  26. In order to submit a claim or solve a problem, the customer must contact Kastytis summer house in writing. Possible ways to file a claim or application include:
    1. Sending an e-mail to: kastytis.nida@gmail.com
    2. Sending a letter to Pamario g. 47, Nida 93124, Lithuania;
    3. Directly upon arrival at Kastytis summer house on working days from 9:00 to 17:00.


  28. For other matters related to the procurement of Services at http://kastytis-nida.lt/ not discussed in these rules, the Rules on Provision of Kastytis summer house services shall apply.

  29. SECTION VI RULES OF STAYING IN Kastytis summer house

  30. Check in is from 3:00 p.m. and check out by 11:00 a.m.
  31. The Hotel is open 24/7.
  32. Silent hours: from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
  33. Kitchen room is free to use for every guest. Please keep all common spaces clean.
  34. Please do not disturb other Kastytis summer house guests or their privacy.
  35. Do not smoke inside the room, balconies or other common areas. Smoking is only permitted in dedicated smoking areas.
  36. Every Kastytis summer house guest and anyone accompanying them must present valid ID documents upon arrival at reception.
  37. Parents (guardians) or other accompanying adults shall assume full responsibility for the health, safety, appropriate behavior, and adherence to these Regulations of children under 18 years of age and persons with a disability who stay at the hotel.
  38. Guests must pay the invoice on the day of arrival (certain exceptions may apply).
  39. Natural person may pay in cash (euros), by a credit card or bank transfer.
  40. Guests who wish to arrive with pets must notify the administration in advance, and pet owners must prove that the pet is not aggressive and will not harm other guests (an additional fee shall be charged for pet accommodation).
  41. Guests who pay for services provided by Kastytis summer house but decide not to use the services may not claim a refund. If a guest leaves Kastytis summer house earlier than envisaged in their booking (i.e. stays for a shorter term) the guest may not claim a refund for the unused time.
  42. If a guest fails to show up, a fee for the actual idle time of the Kastytis summer house room shall be charged.
  43. The hotel reserves the right to forbid undesired persons from using the services of Kastytis summer house based on the Internal Regulations Kastytis summer house and other enforced local legal acts and/or enforced legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  44. In case of disappearance of or damage to any property belonging to Kastytis summer house, the persons responsible for the damage shall compensate for the caused damage at a ratio of 1:2. Where, as a result of damage caused, it is impossible to accommodate guests, the full price of the room shall be charged for the entire time period required to eliminate the damage.
  45. For all the services and goods that Kastytis summer house guests acquire or make use of, but for certain reasons fail to pay for before their departure, the hotel may withdraw the respective amount for the goods and/or services from the guest’s account (credit card, etc.). Guests hereby agree to pay for the acquired goods and/or services in full, even after their departure.
  46. Wifi is free of charge, Wifi password is haveanicestay .


  48. To move furniture (without the administration’s permission).
  49. To pass room and/or main entrance door code to any person who is not staying the following room.
  50. To keep any highly flammable substances in the rooms and common areas of Kastytis summer house.
  51. To cause damage to any Kastytis summer house property.
  52. To accommodate a number of persons in a room exceeding the number specified to the Kastytis summer house administrator.
  53. Failing to notify the administration in case of any failures of the Kastytis summer house facilities.
  54. To leave any electrical appliances unattended while in operation.
  55. To use any electrical appliances, except in cases where such appliances are received from the administration and the administration is notified in advance about the use of such appliances. (The use of the following shall not be prohibited: laptop and cell phone chargers, beard trimmers, hair dryers).
  56. To keep pets and birds in the rooms without notifying the administration in advance.
  57. To keep any aggressive pets that may harm other Kastytis summer house guests.
  58. To disturb other Kastytis summer house guests.
  59. Guests are prohibited from making noise in the hotel and/or on the hotel’s property (i.e. to play loud music and musical instruments, to sing, scream or whistle loudly and/or behave in any other inappropriate manner) from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Should a guest fail to adhere to this prohibition and violate public order or disturb other persons staying and/or working at the hotel, a fine of EUR 150 shall be imposed on the guest and the guest must also compensate for any other damage resulting from the incident.
  60. It is strictly prohibited to smoke in any of the Kastytis summer house rooms and/or on balconies of the rooms. If this prohibition is not adhered to, a fine of EUR 100 shall be imposed. Smoking is only permitted in dedicated smoking areas. To ensure the safety of every Kastytis summer house guest, each rooms is fitted with smoke and fire alarm systems.
  61. It is prohibited to leave underage children unattended in the rooms and/or other areas of Kastytis summer house, and parents or guardians of underage children must ensure the safety of their children at the hotel.
  62. To bring strangers to a Kastytis summer house room without notifying the administrator of Kastytis summer house.
  63. To bring any tools, arms or other items that pose a threat to health or life onto the Kastytis summer house property.
  64. To bring, use, store and/or consume any narcotic or other psychotropic substances. In all such instances, the Kastytis summer house administration shall call the police.
  65. To fail to adhere to the General Regulations of Kastytis summer house and all the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania that regulate the safety of people and the prevention of other potential threats.


  67. To adhere to the General Regulations of Kastytis summer house.
  68. To pay for all the provided services at once (certain exceptions may apply).
  69. At the time of departure from Kastytis summer house, to make sure that all the services have been paid for.
  70. To closely adhere to the fire protection rules.
  71. At the time of leaving the room, to make sure that all electrical appliances (light, TV set, etc.) have been appropriately switched off.
  72. At the time of leaving the room, to make sure that all hot and cold water taps have been tightly closed.
  73. At the time of leaving the room, to make sure that the room is appropriately locked and that no strangers are able to enter it.
  74. In the case of any failure in the room of Kastytis summer house, to notify the administrator of Kastytis summer house.
  75. If a guest fails to check out of the room by 2:00 p.m. and it is impossible to contact the guest, or if a guest avoids paying for the provided services and vacates the room at the request of the administration, the administration shall reserve the right to move any items left in the room to the guarded premises at the hotel.
  76. In case of an emergency, guests of Kastytis summer house must first contact the reception desk by calling +37068618868.


  78. Breakfast at the hotel are on request and due to availability. Breakfast needs to be agreed upon a time with Hotel Administration.
  79. The Kastytis summer house room service operates from 8:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.
  80. Towels and bathrobes are changed daily and bed linen is changed every 7 days in the rooms where guests are accommodated.
  81. Kastytis summer house personnel may perform minor repair of premises and facilities without disturbing the guests of Kastytis summer house.
  82. During the cold season, the temperature in the rooms may not fall below +18°C.
  83. To ensure safety, the Kastytis summer house administration shall be entitled to access the rooms in which guests are accommodated.
  84. If any lost items are found, the Kastytis summer house administration shall return the items to their owners whenever possible. If the owner cannot be found, any left items shall be disposed of according to the prescribed procedure upon expiry of 2 months.
  85. The hotel shall not assume any responsibility for any valuables left unattended and/or lost, and/or for any damage caused to valuables in the rooms and/or other areas of Kastytis summer house.
  86. Should a Kastytis summer house guest behave in a criminal manner (fail to adhere to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania), the Kastytis summer house administration reserves the right to evict the guest without providing any refund of the amounts paid. Where needed, the Kastytis summer house administration shall contact competent authorities.
  87. For your safety, the shared-use premises of Kastytis summer house are provided with video surveillance cameras.


  89. The Kastytis summer house administration welcomes requests and proposals from guests to improve the quality of the services provided.
  90. Proposals and complaints presented by Kastytis summer house guests are considered during administrative and managerial meetings within the set deadlines.